Somewhere you feel welcomed, not judged. Where you feel heard, not disregarded. Where you feel like the only patient, not a number. Our approach to aesthetics is focused on integrity, honesty, and trust, while providing natural and refined results that don’t scream, “I got work done”.

We can’t wait to develop a relationship with you and come alongside you through both life’s mountain tops and devastations. We can’t wait to help you feel like the best version of yourself!



xo Bethany

After losing my Mom to cancer in 2019, I began to consider how I would honor her incredible legacy. At the time, my family and I were living in Dallas, and I was working for another practice. She was a business owner, and I couldn’t think of a better way to honor her legacy than to follow in her footsteps as a business owner and move back home to be near my Dad.

The building that now houses Beauty Arts was the building that formerly housed her business, Lifeway Lending Group, and the exact spot I stand to inject in my now treatment room is the spot that she used to sit and close loans—by far, the most bittersweet part of my life. I hope when you see her picture hanging on the wall and the “Lifeway” sticker that remains on the front door, it reminds you of a life well-lived.

I never intended for Beauty Arts to be what it is. It was just supposed to be a little one room operation where I could do what I love in my quiet hometown—God had other plans—He grew Beauty Arts quickly, and placed an incredible team of other Providers and supportive staff in my lap that I am so proud to call coworkers and this point they are more like family. 

I love calling Beauty Arts my home away from home, and I hope you have a similar feeling when you visit us. I wanted Beauty Arts to be a paradox of what you may have experienced in the beauty industry—I wanted to create a space and provide the kind of care that I was personally looking for as a patient. 

“Just be sure to notice

it’s the profound connection to everything.”

I began my nursing career at the hospital bedside, and transitioned to the aesthetic field in 2012. I developed a passion for beauty in my late teens, and loved caring for others and all things needle-related as a bedside nurse. When I discovered the aesthetic field of nursing, I instantly knew it was something I wanted to pursue—a marriage of all the things that I loved, what could be better?! I dove in and never looked back.

stand as a paradox in the beauty industry—provide undetectable, refined aesthetic work with a goal of restoring balance and youth,
while respecting the patient’s God-given features & anatomy.

The mission of Beauty Arts is simple